Wine-growing estate in Andrian 

The Etsch Valley, which towers the South, is not too far away from Andrian. Well protected from the mighty Mendel mountain range and its own mountain called the Gantkofel, Andrian is surrounded by a sea of grapes.  The air is full of the fragrance of white apple blossom.  The Etsch river runs through the valley towards the South like a blue ribbon.  It is ever changing, yet still the same.  Andrian has kept its originality and has not been affected by every trend.  Nonetheless, in 1893, the Andrian wine farmers dared to collaborate and took the first step into a modern world: they established the first co-operative winery in South Tyrol.  In 2008, further economic development led to a fusion with the Terlan wine-growing estate. 
By moving large amounts of ground, the Bozen quartz porphyry on the medium mountain ranges mixed with the Dolomites and limestone of the Mendel range.  A debris cone was formed, consisting of lime-rich loam and sharp white Dolomite gravel – the perfect foundation for perfect wines.  Its light consistency ensures sufficient water in the soil, great ventilation and deep rooting to the ground. 
The Andrian wines have the tendency to grow in any location and depending on the type of grape and the processing method, are cultivated in two different ways.  The classical choice of 13 individual DOC wines with soil-based character, are complemented by four magnificent select wines, which reflect the qualities of the area where they have grown. 

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