St. Valentine Parish church

Even though Andrian’s Saint Valentine parish church is not very important from an art-historic perspective, it is still a very attractive and well-cared for sanctuary. 
The patronage of Saint Valentine was supposed to have had some kind of church or chapel at a very early stage.  A church was first mentioned in 1231.  This is a little older than the oldest part of the current church, particularly the lower part of the tower with its threefold pointed arch window (end of 13th Century). 
There are no remains of the longhouse from that time.  However, a small part remains of the building constructed in the early 16th Century, which part forms the church choir area today and features pointed arch windows, as well as a stellar vault. 

Some frescoes from those times can still be seen in the vestry, as well as the statues of Mary with child, Saint Sebastian, Anna, Saint Barbara and Saint Katherine (late 15th / early 16th Century).  These can be found in the new-Gothic altar, which was built in 1904.

The rest of the church (the longhouse and the upper part of the tower) were constructed during the 19th Century: the longhouse between 1852 and 1854 / the tower in 1883.  In 1864, Anton Psenner created the pictures on the side altars, one of them reflecting the Andrian church tower in its original form.

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