Sternbauernhof in Andrian

Stern farmhouse

Only a few steps from the parish church, you will find the Stern farmhouse.  The long main building with its flat saddle roof, the staircase entwined by vines and the vault inside are very well kept. 

The professionally renovated frescoes outside are particularly beautiful.  Those on the side of the valley depict a four-part cycle with the Washing of Feet, Communion, the Mount of Olives and the Crucifixion. 

They were originally painted in 1612, while the frescos on the mountain side of the house were created in 1519 in the style of the Brixen painter and sculptor Ruprecht Potsch.  They show four saints, a tendril ornament, a coat of arms, as well as an inscription. 

The name Stern farmhouse was most likely taken from a Terlan farmhouse.  From when it was first mentioned to the 19th Century, the farm was called ‘Goldfuss Farmhouse‘ (1279 – Coldefus).

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