Wolfsthurn fortress

Not too high above the village, on a slope, you will find the little fortress of Wolfsthurn, which was most likely built during the early 13th Century by the Lords of Andrian.

The fortress consists of a low keep with a pyramid roof, living quarters, as well as an agricultural wing, a circular wall and a gate wall with swallowtail battlements.  Around 150 years ago, the ruins of Wolfsthurn fortress were renovated and given new roofs.  Its name derives from the Wolves of Mareit, who owned it during the 15th Century. 

You can get close to the fortress if you take the short, beautiful forest path (the fortress is private property and cannot be visited).  From the path, you might notice some old ruins between bushes just above the fortress. 

These are the remains of a smaller fortress, probably built during the 12th Century.  Little is known about it, but it is said that this could be Castle Andrian, which was documented in some old papers and destroyed around 1275...


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