Tasting of wines from the Cantina Andriano

2 in one: the classics from the Cantina Andriano and Terlano wineries and a guided tour of the Terlan Winery.
Until the Andrian Winery is renovated, wine tastings will be held in the Terlan Winery.

Guided tour of the Terlan Winery, where the Andrian wines are vinified, followed by a tasting of 4 wines from the classic line. The wine tasting will introduce you to the world of wines from the oldest wineries in South Tyrol.

♣ Costs: 15 €

♣ When: Wednesday, 3.30 pm to 5 pm

♣ Where: Cantina di Terlano

Reservation until 11 am: Tourist office, Terlano Tel. 0471 257165