The chestnut grove in Schlosspichl, a natural monument

A natural monument on Schlosspichl that enriches its surroundings with its beauty, appearance and ecological quality.


A magnificent chestnut grove is situated on Schlosspichl on a hillside flattening north of Wolfsthurn Castle on the Andriano-Bittnerhof hiking trail.
The chestnut trees of different ages stand interspersed on the green meadow. Their light green, fresh foliage gives them a special radiance. A single large oak tree with a beautiful and regular shape stands roughly in the middle of the meadow. Due to its sheltered and sunny location, the chestnut grove is much warmer than the surrounding forest, its fresh colours radiating liveliness.

At the northern end, a path leads to a small elevation with a cross and several benches, from where you enjoy beautiful views of the valley.


A place to fall in love with!

As a resting place for hikers and as a nature playground for families and children.

Bienen am Schlosspichl

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