Relaxing in nature

Draw fresh energy from nature

Nature is the best source of energy. The fresh air stimulates your mind, the sun is good for your soul, physical activity challenges your body. And above all: In nature, you can leave the daily grind behind, brush aside bad thoughts and find new inspiration and ideas.

Places of energy in Andriano

Waterfall in the gorge Gaider Schlucht/ gola del rio Gaido

Over thousands of years, nature has created unique places. In the course of time, the stream Gaider Bach cut itself deeply into the porphyry stones and formed a striking narrow gorge with waterfalls. The mossy rock faces, the roaring water, the species-rich vegetation (such as the deer’s tongue ferns and different types of orchids) form an enthralling medley of nature’s splendor. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. The air is clean, nature is abundant. Experience the waterfalls of the Gaider Bach stream – it will steal your breath away.

Sunny spot in the chestnut grove

The sun fills you up on vitamin D – without prescription. In the chestnut grove at the Schlossbichl hill, you can soak up the sun at a unique place. The chestnut trees with their bright leaves create a special atmosphere and since this place is sheltered from the wind, it is always a bit warmer there. Sit down on one of the benches at the northern end of the chestnut grove and simply enjoy the moment! This is a place to fall in love with!

Physical activity amid yew trees

Not far from our village, a yew forest invites you to wander, to meditate, to do yoga, to unwind and enjoy the silence. There is no better natural adventure playground for kids. In Europe, yew forests are in danger of extinction. In Andriano, however, conditions are excellent for the yew trees to grow on the calcareous permeable soil. Enjoy the yew forest and listen to your inner self.

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