Relaxing in nature

Draw fresh energy from nature

Nature is the best source of energy. The fresh air stimulates the mind, the sun is good for the soul, exercise challenges the body. And most of all: In nature you can leave everyday life behind, let your thoughts wander and find new inspiration and ideas. Give it a try!

Place of energy in Andriano

Waterfall in Gola del Rio Gaido gorge

Water invigorates your body – the rushing sound clears your mind of all thoughts. Because of the prevailing microclimate and the clean air, waterfalls always have a special effect on people.

The mystical surroundings with mossy rock faces and the biodiverse flora are just as soothing.
Hiking tip to Gola del Rio Gaido


Sunny spot in the chestnut grove

The sun is the best filling station for vitamin D  – and you don’t need a prescription. In the chestnut grove on the Schlossbichl hill you can soak up the sun in a unique place.

Chestnut trees with their bright leaves create a special atmosphere and in this sheltered location it is also always a little warmer.

Sit down on one of the benches at the northern end of the chestnut grove and enjoy the moment!

Movement in the yew forest

Not far from the village, the yew forest invites to walks, hikes, meditation, yoga and moments of peace and tranquillity. For children, the yew forest is the most beautiful outdoor adventure playground. Yew forests like this one are threatened with extinction in Europe. On the lime-rich, permeable soil in Andriano, however, the yews find the best growing conditions. Enjoy the yew forest and listen to your inner self.

Eibenwälder wie dieser sind in Europa vom Aussterben bedroht. Auf dem kalkreichen durchlässigen Boden in Andrian finden die Eiben jedoch beste Bedingungen.

Genießen Sie den Eibenwald und lauschen Sie in Ihr Inneres.

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