St. Valentin Church

Andriano’s parish church is dedicated to St. Valentine. The patrocinium of St. Valentine suggests that there was a place of worship here very early on. The first mention of a church in the records dates back to 1231.

The oldest part of the present church consists of the lower section of the tower with its three‑part lancet windows. Unfortunately, the nave of that time has not survived, but part of the structure built in the early 16th century still exists today. It now forms the chancel of the church and has retained its late Gothic elements with its lancet windows and stellar vault.

Some frescoes from that time can also still be seen in today’s sacristy, as well as the statues of Mary with Christ Child, St. Sebastian, St. Anne, St. Barbara and St. Catherine (late 15th/early 16th century) in the neo-Gothic screen-altar, which was built in 1904.

The rest of the church including the nave and the upper part of the tower, were built in the 19th century (nave 1852-1854, tower 1883) and the side altarpieces were made by Anton Psenner in 1864.

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