Cycling tour to Castel Roncolo in Bolzano and back

An adventure-packed bike tour into medieval times with city flair

From Andriano towards Terlano to the cycle path along the Adige, then southwards following the signs to Bolzano. Do not cross the Talvera here, but follow the cycle path northwards, always on the orographic right side of the Talvera. Cross a small bridge just before the castle and park your bike. The ascent to Castel Roncolo takes approx. 5-10 minutes.

After visiting the castle, take the cycle path on the other side of the Talvera and turn off left before Ponte Talvera. This is the start of the historic centre of Bolzano. Enjoy the flair of this town (you may want to push your bike) and cycle back to Andriano.

35 km

168 m

2,5 hrs


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