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Around Andrin

Bozen, the capital of South Tyrol

Many visitors fall under the spell of Bolzano thanks to its diverse facets developed in over 100 years of German and Italian cohabitation. The city is home to a raft of cultural and historical monuments.


The Archaeology museum, Castel Roncolo; Castel Mareccio, Castel Flavon, the old parish church of Gries, the Messner Mountain Museum in Castel Firmiano, guided city tour (between April and end of October)


Thermal city of Merano

Merano lies in a valley resulting from the meeting of Val Passiria, Val Venosta and Valle dell’Adige, surrounded by the mountains of the Tessa Group (with some summits reaching 3,337 m). It has been a well-known SPA and thermal city since the 19th century. The city was one of the first tourist destinations of the Hapsburg Empire, with many renowned guests from the then political and cultural scene gracing the alleys of the city. The mild, nearly Mediterranean climate and its fresh air were considered to have medicinal properties against respiratory diseases.

Tappeiner Walk, Merano Baths, the Gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorff, Castel Tirolo and its museum. City excursions: you should definitely take part in a guided city visit organised by the local administration if you want to discover the rich and varied history of the once thermal city of Merano, the former province’s capital.